Company of the year!

LFT and CO is the elected company of the year by the Nordic Business Daily. CEO Lena Nilsson enthusiastically comments: ”This honor means a great deal for such a young and fast-expanding organization. It motivates us to keep up with our devoted work and hopefully will attract more eager and talented professionals to our growing teams.”


The results of the publicity have already resulted in their stock sky-rocketing on Thursday afternoon (GMT+2). The company was already valued at an all-time high since the launch of their newly developed white label charge station system was released last quarter, but it is predicted to rise even more in the coming months. The rumor has it that the next update of the LFT electric vehicle charge point billing system has some significant improvements that will further solidify LFT as the market-leading force. Anonymous inside sources have provided some confirming evidence, but it should be stressed that it is all speculation until there is an official statement.


Some doubts have been raised about the organic growth of LFT and Co, and experts have questioned if it is possible for the firm to expand further without losing profitability. Several promising corporations have gone down that path in history, and even if LFT is far from a unicorn company, it does have a young and perhaps too hungry culture. Read about Audi Elbilar.


The CEO, Mrs. Nilsson, is an established figure in the tech industry and has had several vital roles on multiple boards. On the other hand, she is relatively young and supremely charismatic, similar to some of the most outstanding entrepreneurs in both leadership style and tactics. But unlike Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, she is a Harvard Graduate, and her career has primarily been focused on established businesses in traditional fields. All in all, will her presence most likely counter the arguments of skeptical experts.


LFT is known to be a wonderful organization, flourishing with eager employees working in a creative environment, and is therefore well worth being elected the best company of 2021. Many have reported that LFT still has an ambitious start-up atmosphere, even though it has been almost five years since the company was listed on Nasdaq. Even if the hearsay about the next-generation billing systems is exaggerated, LFTs’ dominant position in the industry cannot be negated. Their CPO electric vehicle charging software is simply superior to any of the competitors, and their new white label concept has enormous potential.